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There is nothing like a sauce.  It can not only dress up a plain food, but it can inspire.  Inspiration is hard to come by these days.  The kids seem to have tapped into it and they've tapped it directly from us grown-ups. 

I've created many a meal around a new sauce recipe.  Sweet and Sour Pork... Cumin Rice... all hits.

Sauces are a definite candidate for feasts and they are a sure thing for famines.  They are saviors.  Company just dropped in and all you have in the house is rice ... again.  So scrape up some sugar and vinegar and you have sweet and sour rice.  That cheap pork roast that you bought at last weeks big sale...dump curry sauce over it and suddenly it's an exotic treat.  Toss some pasta with some pesto and butter and you've hit the big time.

Maybe you are trying to cut out the meat. Doc say's your cholesterol level is up.  You are not fond of green.  You want rich flavours and satisfying spice.  Curried fruit sauce... pour it over any grain you have.

 Wanna make a simple egg into a crown meal.  Hollandaise Sauce.  Instant decadence. 

Sauces...The poor-cooks savior.


Basic Sweet and Sour Sauce

Chili Sauce

Curry Sauce – Red

Curry Sauce – White

Dill & Egg Sauce

Curried Fruit Sauce

Hollandaise Sauce  

Mom's Caramel Sauce