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1 oz vodka (Moskovskaya)

A few drips...just 2 or it a dash, but not a splash, of dry white vermouth (I like Martini and Rossi)

A bit of a lemon peel.  This is only a x inch section of lemon skin.  Do not twist it.  This is not a twist.

A pinch, a small pinch,  – approx. 40 grains- of salt

Options: You can garnish this with good things.  Olives are everyone's first choice.  A cocktail olive is fine.  A black calamatti olive is heaven.  A hot pickled pepper is extraordinary. A pickled onion is even better ...but, a Bick's Pickled Holland Style Onion will let me know that the day is over and world is now MINE!

Put 5 or 6 ice cubes in a shaker.  Add the salt, then the lemon peel, then the vodka and vermouth.  Shake until the shaker frosts.  Place your choice of garnish in a martini glass and pour the vodka mixture over the garnish.  If you want ice in your martini, let the ice cubes float into the glass.  I like to leave the ice in my drink.  It makes for a "longer" drink and in the extra few minutes it takes to drain the takes on a clearer, more sane, focus.


Since I am famous for my Vodka Martinis, it's only fair to share the recipe. 

Outside of Scotch, there is only one true relaxer after a tough day.  A martini is the perfect candidate for relaxation because it is a short drink.  If you had lots of time to sit and have a drink, you would use the time differently. You would most likely book a message.

It's all booze, so the booze better be good.  We poor Canadians have recently been blessed with Russian vodka.  If you are making a vodka martini, use Russian vodka.  If you don't have Russian Vodka, (or Absolute) book a message.